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  1. Hey there, can someone help mem figure out why my minecraft keeps lagging every 2-3 seconds for half a second? It's playable, but very annoying. I'm playing Enigmatica 8 on CurseForge with Rubidium installed. I have determined that it is *not* the garbage collector, as I am using ZGC.
  2. But, i have flywheel installed, newest version! (Also, why does it 5 times 😅)
  3. Have looked through logs and can't identify it myself. Latest log, and debug.log: https://fromsmash.com/9tBeZpnGwN-dt
  4. It's the original log. Whenever you open the game, the last log gets put in a zip folder when you open the game. I accidentally opened the wrong modpack, where i didn't try to join the server, hence why i posted debug-1.log, the original log. It is the exact same thing, It just has a different name.
  5. You should be able to open it with WinRAR. But here's the .txt file instead if that's easier. https://fromsmash.com/FYkXVPgk_a-dt
  6. I've been trying to figure out why for hours. Absolutely impossible for me, maybe someone smarter in here can help. Idk where to post logs since they're too long for hastebin , so here's a download of both Server and client logs: https://fromsmash.com/Bpfnsjg9BW-dt
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