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  1. Make sure you didn't leave an outdated mod in ur mods folder. And i do think you have too many mods.
  2. I reinstalled without modloaderMP and updated forge on server and client, and its working well now. Thanks!
  3. I am not running bc3 because i knew it isnt multiplayer. Here is my modloader.txt, as you can see no errors with it. I am using forge on both server and client.
  4. I installed forge in my server and my client, and it runs fine in client. I made sure they are both the same forge version, and i have looked for a fix online. It keeps saying "This server requires you to have minecraft forge installed" even though i do have it installed. There are no errors when running either the client or server. The mods i have installed in server are forge, redpower, equivalent exchange, and buildcraft. In my client i have redpower, equivalent exchange, buildcraft, keybind/macro mod, modloader, modloader MP, forge, NEI, corechickenloader. I really want to be able to play with my friends on my server, and i uploaded a screenshot of the error.
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