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  1. Hi, I would like to invite you to mc.insiders-slime.com We are creating a server network, looking for players and administration/moderator/helper/chatmod etc... Discord: https://discord.gg/Eyh6JmV6tF IP: mc.insiders-slime.com Version: 1.18.2 Java Online 24/7 Type: Sky-Block Premium and No-Premium No lags Survival+Cuboid (coming soon) Survival Story (coming soon) Super Advanture Box (coming soon) BedWars (coming soon) Sky-Wars (coming soon) Survival+Guild (coming soon) Anarchia (Coming soon) Jail (Coming soon) BoxPVP (Coming soon) ChestPVP (Coming soon) etc... >> image from the server << https://im.ge/i/OXQE4a https://im.ge/i/OXQyTL https://im.ge/i/OXQALG https://im.ge/i/OXQC3x
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