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  1. i want when my mob summoned, i called as a lightning
  2. Hmm, I realized that I need a class to save. But where can one find an example of it? And how to use it to save and load the value of a variable?
  3. how can I make sure that if a certain mob is within a radius of 5 blocks from the player, then the X action is played?
  4. I have a global variable with a specific value. When killing mobs, it increases, but when restart the game, it naturally resets, how can save it?
  5. How to display a message above the hotbar on a specific event? For example: killed 3-4 mobs and the message "Collected: (value from 3 to 6)" Approximately as in this screenshot
  6. I'm creating a mob with geckolib and I want it to have glowing eyes, but there is no tutorial on this anywhere (where I searched) (end) and also I didn't find a specific rule box here, but is it possible to ask two questions in one thread?
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