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  1. Working perfectly! Thank you! In case someone else needs it, I also had to change "layers" to "children".
  2. I do have a few blocks that have transluscent and solid parts Before 1.19, I could merge both models with "loader": "forge:multi-layer" like that (just an example) { "loader": "forge:multi-layer", "layers": { "solid": { "parent": "modid:block/example_solid_model" }, "translucent": { "parent": "modid:block/example_translucent_model" } } } After I updated to 1.19 I received a warning stating "Model loader 'forge:multi-layer' not found" and also displayed the registered loaders Registered loaders: forge:elements, forge:obj, forge:fluid_container, forge:composite, forge:item-layers, forge:separate_transforms, forge:empty, forge:item_layers, forge:bucket, minecraft:elements, forge:separate-perspective Does it not work like that anymore? or perhaps the way to do it has changed? forge 1.19.2-43.0.16
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