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  1. It seems I needed runtimeOnly -> compileOnly or do I need to use the API ChampionAsh5357, thx
  2. I looked at their example https://github.com/TheIllusiveC4/Curios/blob/1.19.x/src/test/java/top/theillusivec4/curiostest/common/item/CrownItem.java There may be a problem in build.gradle build.gradle: repositories { maven { url 'https://maven.theillusivec4.top/' } } dependencies { minecraft 'net.minecraftforge:forge:1.19-41.1.0' runtimeOnly fg.deobf("top.theillusivec4.curios:curios-forge:1.19.2-") compileOnly fg.deobf("top.theillusivec4.curios:curios-forge:1.19.2-") }
  3. Intellij only sees /api https://ibb.co/r43DkB9 https://ibb.co/B6HN2VC Forgive me if I'm asking this question in the wrong forum, but mb someone came across this
  4. I would like to add an extra slot of armor Maybe someone can suggest the classes that I need. And where is it to be initialized. And how to put it all together. I understand that I can be asking a lot, but I would just need a direction where to dig.
  5. ChampionAsh5357, thx 🧡 I thought there was a problem with the textures
  6. Item.Properties().fireResistant() Example:
  7. The continuation I get an exception: Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "String.indexOf(int)" because "texture" is null Model: Armor item: Registry armor item: Registry model armor: I did not create the rendering, should I do it?
  8. I have code for 1.18.2: Looks like 1.19 doesn't have IItemRenderProperties. Does anyone have an example or advice?
  9. Thanks for the advice, I'll fix the code. I registered the layer and render as you indicated. perromercenary00, thanks, I saw the error, tried to use shootFromRotation, the result is identical =( ChampionAsh5357, I think it looks better here
  10. Entity Item class Render Model Well, in the 2nd video, you can see that the slime is dying, but the bullet model is in a completely different place.
  11. I use: @OnlyIn(value = Dist.CLIENT, _interface = ItemSupplier.class) public class BulletEntity extends AbstractArrow implements ItemSupplier{ public BulletEntity(EntityType<? extends BulletEntity> type, LivingEntity entity, Level world) { super(type, entity, world); } Bla-bla-bla BulletEntity entitybullet = new BulletEntity(ForgeModEntities.BULLETENTITY.get(), entity, world); entitybullet.shoot(entity.getViewVector(1).x, entity.getViewVector(1).y, entity.getViewVector(1).z, POWER, spreading); //... } Where: POWER = 4f POWER = 5f and >5f I would like to make the projectile with more power and without visual bugs. Perhaps I should somehow manually move the entity through ticks or override shoot() and play around with vectors
  12. Oh no, I don't think I explained it correctly, I need to <move up the mouse>, only through the code. Well, you know, like in shooters when the weapon rises when shooting, I apologize for my English.
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