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  1. RapidCraft mc.RapidCraft.org (port 19132 for Bedrock users) After nearly a decade, I've decided to get back into the game of Minecraft hosting. The server is live now and accessible using mc.Rapidcraft.org (port 19132 for bedrock users). Biweekly events will begin starting in September, and a new server economy will be rolled out in the coming weeks. For any returning players from the old RealzCraft server, you will be provided with a free upgraded rank with a handful of amenities not available to normal users, just send me a message on the forum to claim this. For new players, loyalty is rewarded! Frequent players will be promoted to a special rank featuring some additional amenities normal users will not have access to. Join Today! Since graduating college, me and many of my friends have been wanting to enjoy a bit of nostalgia and return to Minecraft once again. If you feel this same way I encourage you to pop into the server and say hello! Many of us will be on evenings and weekends enjoying one of the best video games ever created. Features PvP outside of land claims Grief prevention and rollbacks Biweekly events starting in September Active, friendly staff Player shops and economy coming soon!
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