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  1. Sillo SMP is a very new survival server, You should join since it will be a fun experience including, a fun owner, great staff, hopefully, an awesome community. we have a very small amount of rules -No Cheating -No racism & toxicity we currently have about 6 active players in our discord server and we're looking to increase that number. looking for non toxic and active players. The server is cross play between bedrock and java. I offer -A server with absolutely zero cheaters -A server with a fun but very little (looking to change that) community -Staff that never use their powers except for doing their job (don't you hate it when you join a SMP and the owner is dripped out in netherite with a huge base and 2 stacks of golden apples) It would be really nice (BUT NOT NEEDED) if people could use feather client due to the in-built voice chat which we are looking to use Discord - 2valid#6885 Alternative Discord - šŸŽ®sillogameršŸ•¹#9482
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