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  1. i really don't understand. i need a google link.
  2. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/malisiscore is this what your meaning if you say yes, i can give you the rest of the mods
  3. i need help by giving me a link so i can understand.
  4. i see it only put in one mods and that is the security craft mod.
  5. logs\debug.log and also what should i add to debug.log?
  6. I will be show happy if the Forge devlopers put in this feature
  7. If you don't put this suggestion in Forge, then I want this so much or else I will be confused to solve the problem fixing mods. SIncerously, Alden
  8. Suggestion Please Read Sometimes people have problems loading mods and it's not on the menu. I want a import button so when a mod doesn't automaticlly put in the menu. I can just click the Import button, Restart Minecraft, and make ever I want with my Mods. MAKE SURE YOU PUT THIS IN THE NEW FORGE VERSION Sincerously, Alden
  9. What is debug.log and what should I do to it. If this won't work. I need to talk to feedback. Unfortenly, where is debug.log, I don't see it anywhere
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