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  1. If you just write button.onPress() in the code, then the method is called correctly, but this is a little different, because here you don't need to click the button Maybe there are some gui layers and the interface layer overlaps the button layer? sounds crazy The interesting thing is also that when you put the cursor on the button, it is highlighted
  2. Button(10, 10, 10, 10, Component.literal("TEST"), (a) -> { System.out.println("Press"); }); I've set the logic for the onPress method. Now it should print the text "Press" to the console when pressed, but it doesn't (This refers to the code I sent above)
  3. Thank you for your response. If you mean to add System.out.println() to the button and try debugging via breakpoint, I tried that, nothing worked
  4. The main task - is to make your own gui for the inventory or just a separate gui, which will implement the basic functions for the marketplace (as in the various plugins). This needs to be implemented specifically by a mod. So far I've tried creating a class that inherits the Screen and setting as new ( minecraft.setScreen(new CustomScreen())), but the main inventory stops working (not moving things from slot to slot). Also tried overriding the InventoryScreen class, but the problem is the same as above. Decided to start simple, namely adding a button to the main inventory. Logic: listening for the ScreenEvent event, and setting the new button as a widget. @SubscribeEvent public static void openInventoryGui(ScreenEvent e) { Minecraft minecraft = Minecraft.getInstance(); if (minecraft.screen != null) { Screen current = e.getScreen(); if (current.passEvents) { Button button = new Button(10, 10, 10, 10, Component.literal("TEST"), (a) -> { System.out.println("Press"); }); e.getScreen().renderables.add(button); } } } But so far the button does not work (should output text to the console). Regarding ScreenEvent.InitScreenEvent - I could not do anything with it (it is not in the class, found no such event). What can I read or what guides to look at this topic? Or maybe someone has advice or experience in this matter?
  5. Why can't I open the container screen on the client? I read that the inventory opens on the client side. And also I didn't quite understand what's in the quote
  6. what to pass to the constructor in the super inheritor of Screen? So far a stub is passed there. Also, another problem is that I inherited from InventoryScreen, so that when you open the inventory displayed inventory with a button. But the inventory stopped responding to moving items. That is, the item can not be placed in another slot public class CustomInventoryScreen extends InventoryScreen { public CustomInventoryScreen(Player p_98839_) { super(p_98839_); } @Override public final void init() { super.init(); this.addRenderableWidget(new Button(10, 10, 10, 10, Component.literal("TEST"), CustomInventoryScreen::onPress)); } private static void onPress(Button button) { System.out.println("Press"); } } Here is class @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = CusctomInventoryTest.MODID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.FORGE, value = Dist.CLIENT) public class CustomScreenHandler { private static CustomScreen lastInventory; @SubscribeEvent public static void openInventoryGui(TickEvent.RenderTickEvent e) { Minecraft minecraft = Minecraft.getInstance(); if (minecraft.screen != null) { Screen current = minecraft.screen; if (current.passEvents) { // minecraft.setScreen(new CustomScreen()); minecraft.setScreen(new CustomInventoryScreen(minecraft.player)); } // lastInventory = current instanceof CustomScreen ? (CustomScreen) current : null; } } }
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