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  1. Hi its me again, I'm playing a create modpack, one of the mods is: "Create Crafts & Additions" so I started on working with a Induction heater, I want it to heat my Furnace engine, with a blast furnace, but it says then: "Heating Furnace Engines has been disabled in the Configs." So my Question now is: can I change the Configs, and if yes HOW? Thanks to all of u who can help!
  2. Hey guys! Im playing a Modpack in a Custom Profile (Create, Create Steampowered[CSp], Curios API, Flywheel and JEI). But when I launch it it says like: The Mod CSp requires Flywheel 0.6.2 and above but the current flywheel is on 0.6.5. So I tried Flywheel in all the Versions(0.6.2, 0.6.3, 0.6.4 and 0.6.5) and I'm slowly losing my mind, because IT WONT WORK!! So Im not sure If Im on the right Website for this, but I hope someone can help me.
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