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  1. Back in 1.16.5 I could make my custom mobrender type render over fog. That was done with the RenderType fog. I have no clue how to do this in 1.18.2 can anyone help?? Old 1.16.5 Code public static RenderType getCustomEyes(ResourceLocation p_228652_0_) { TextureState renderstate$texturestate = new TextureState(p_228652_0_, false, false); return makeType("custom_eyes", DefaultVertexFormats.ENTITY, 7, 256, false, true, RenderType.State.getBuilder().texture(renderstate$texturestate).transparency(ADDITIVE_TRANSPARENCY).writeMask(COLOR_WRITE).fog(BLACK_FOG).fog(NO_FOG).build(false)); } } New Code So Far. public static RenderType getCustomEyes(ResourceLocation p_228652_0_) { RenderStateShard.TextureStateShard renderstate$texturestate = new RenderStateShard.TextureStateShard(p_228652_0_, false, false); return create("eyes", DefaultVertexFormat.NEW_ENTITY, VertexFormat.Mode.QUADS, 256, false, true, RenderType.CompositeState.builder() .setShaderState(RENDERTYPE_EYES_SHADER).setTextureState(renderstate$texturestate) .setTransparencyState(ADDITIVE_TRANSPARENCY).setWriteMaskState(COLOR_WRITE) .createCompositeState(false)); }
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