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  1. I may have found a way to "enable" logging the way we are used to. Please, verify my train of thoughts: [*]Fact: I'm using eclipse. [*]Fact: Forge uses log4j2 [*]Fact: log4j2 is configured using properties/XML files. If missing log4j(2) will log an error right at the beginning. No error observed, log4j must be configured somewhere. [*]Fact: The lib forgeSrc-<version>.jar contains a log4j2.xml [*]Action: Copy this file to the root directory of the project. Question: Which directory is the root? [*]Observation: When starting the client using the eclipse launcher, a
  2. How to get logs: I assume you're running SPS. Good news: MC does write logs by itself. You do not need to do anything special. The bad news: You have to find the correct log file: In the minecraft directory (by default the .minecraft, I do not know mac and cannot tell you where this is stored. Try the minecraft launcher -> edit launch config...) there are two other dirs logs crash-reports Look at the timestamp of the log files (when the file was last modified that is) in there and try to select the one that is most likely to cover the time of your freezes. If yo
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