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  1. http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.xerial/sqlite-jdbc/3.7.2 It gives access to using databases and such, and it worked pre 1.3
  2. Again, this is nothing like cracked, you still need a minecraft username and password to login to minecraft to get a lastlogin file, which this would only set the username to your lastlogin IF your playing without a internet connection, not in offline mode. locking this thread so it doesnt turn into flame.
  3. How is this just like cracked? you still need a username and password to login to minecraft, this is just when you try to play minecraft without a internet connection
  4. This is a pretty silly request, but some of the big forge mods like EE2 use the players username for saving stuff, and if your offline it uses a random username, and I have already fixed this, but I am asking if Forge can detect if the game is playing in offline, and if so, set net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.session.username to the first UTF in the .minecraft/lastlogin file, so when your playing offline, you would stille have your username. Its pretty easy to implement, but im not posting code because the lastlogin file uses a Cipher (assuming a cipher is a encrytion.. lol) Edit: code with cipher removed @Override public void load() { File file = new File(Minecraft.getAppDir("minecraft"), "lastlogin"); if(file.exists() && isOffline()) { try { CipherInputStream cipherStream = new CipherInputStream(new FileInputStream(file), getCipher(2, "passwordfile")); DataInputStream stream = new DataInputStream(cipherStream); String username = stream.readUTF(); System.out.println("Setting offline username as " + username + "."); ModLoader.getMinecraftInstance().session.username = username; } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } /** * Copied directly from Minecraft.exe to get access to the lastligin files because it uses a cipher. * * @param mode * @param password * @return * @throws Exception */ private Cipher getCipher(int mode, String password) { //removed for various reasons return null; } public static boolean isOffline() { try { URL var1 = new URL("http://s3.amazonaws.com/MinecraftResources/"); DocumentBuilderFactory var2 = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance(); DocumentBuilder var3 = var2.newDocumentBuilder(); Document var4 = var3.parse(var1.openStream()); return false; } catch(Exception e) { return true; } } It is possibly to do in a simple mod_ file, but it would be more effective if it is ran before mods are initialized.
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