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  1. I am trying to make my ship move in all directions Which i can do but it will go through blocks i am trying to add a if statement to check if a block is in that location and then if it is it will skip all the movement code. i got this so far but it doenst work public boolean isSolid(Block block) { if (block != Block.blockID) { return false; }else{ return true; } } The other thing is there a method (where is it located, i will find the method just tell me where it is) where i can change which key is use to exit the ship and LShift is default Thanks
  2. try this location assets/spellcraft/textures/rpghud/interface.png and it is location in the same folder as your mcmod.info file is. If that doesnt work i think it would be because of the rpghub folder im not sure if u can place it in that folder. but i would think so
  3. i am trying to figure how how to make mine craft using a logger or what do i need to add to my logger to make it crash if certain thing are met thanks i believe it something to do with a exception or something like that
  4. k so im making my mod and my machines im making are running of 1 id, how can i change this method so that , depending on the blocks metadata it will select the right texture heres what i tried which didnt work at all @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public int getBlockTextureFromSideAndMetadata(int i, int j, World world, int x, int y, int z) { int meta = world.getBlockMetadata(x, y, z); // If no metadata is set, then this is an icon. if (j == 0 && i == 3) { return 0 * meta ; } if (i == j) { if (!isActive) return 0 + 1 * meta - 1; else return 1 * meta; } switch (i) { case 0: return 3 * meta; case 1: return 4 * meta; default: return 2 * meta; } } Or what other method do i need to use to set the texture, remember it has to work with orientation code too thanks
  5. k that make sense i just dont get how it works in the Furnace Container, coz im making my own custom furnace and i cant figure out how to 1) when u shift click a certain item it goes into a certain slot 2) Restrict slots to only accept certain items any help on those would be good
  6. hey can u quickly explain how this method works it from the container.class protected boolean mergeItemStack(ItemStack par1ItemStack, int par2, int par3, boolean par4) i main problem is when i add this to my own class i dont get the numbers that are provided eg in the Furnace class it has this if (!this.mergeItemStack(var5, 3, 39, true)) { return null; } what does the 3 and 39 mean/stand for thanks
  7. hi i am making my custom furnace but my problem is that my fuel bar (battery) goes horizontally, and i cant find a way to make it go from right to left, it only goes like a normal fuel flames top to bottom. i know u can do it horizontally since that thats how the progress bar work i just dont know how to make that happen for the fuel bar thanks
  8. k but how can i combine the three different ores into one to then be used as a single block/item thats i hav no idea how to
  9. The green text is my major error it wont let me us the put method because there are to many par's for the method i dont know what i need to chagne or wat i have to make to get this to work do i need a Handler for this or is there something i can change or add there are 3 par's because my furnace has 3 input slots which will be mix together to make something special i just need to know what i need to do to fix this thanks
  10. k thanks for the advice but u could of just said to do that before thanks for the help tho
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