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  1. It's a vanilla class, that function is called in the controls editing screen everytime the mouse button is lifted, it's not called by any of my classes
  2. I made my own keybindings and registered them, they worked fine, but when I opened the "controls" screen to edit keybindings, the game crashes Am i doing anything wrong? Crash log Code package com.williameze.minegicka3; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft; import net.minecraft.client.settings.KeyBinding; import org.lwjgl.input.Keyboard; import com.williameze.minegicka3.main.Element; import cpw.mods.fml.client.registry.ClientRegistry; public class ModKeybinding extends KeyBinding { public Element element; public static Map<Element, ModKeybinding> elementToKeyMap = new HashMap(); public static ModKeybinding keyWater = new ModKeybinding("Water", Keyboard.KEY_Y, Element.Water); public static ModKeybinding keyLife = new ModKeybinding("Life", Keyboard.KEY_U, Element.Life); public static ModKeybinding keyShield = new ModKeybinding("Shield", Keyboard.KEY_I, Element.Shield); public static ModKeybinding keyCold = new ModKeybinding("Cold", Keyboard.KEY_O, Element.Cold); public static ModKeybinding keyLightning = new ModKeybinding("Lightning", Keyboard.KEY_H, Element.Lightning); public static ModKeybinding keyArcane = new ModKeybinding("Arcane", Keyboard.KEY_J, Element.Arcane); public static ModKeybinding keyEarth = new ModKeybinding("Earth", Keyboard.KEY_K, Element.Earth); public static ModKeybinding keyFire = new ModKeybinding("Fire", Keyboard.KEY_L, Element.Fire); public static List<ModKeybinding> elementKeys = Arrays.asList(keyWater, keyLife, keyShield, keyCold, keyLightning, keyArcane, keyEarth, keyFire); public static KeyBinding keyArea = new KeyBinding("Area Cast", Keyboard.KEY_F, "key.categories." + ModBase.MODID); public static KeyBinding keyClear = new KeyBinding("Clear Queued", Keyboard.KEY_V, "key.categories." + ModBase.MODID); public static KeyBinding keyMagick = new KeyBinding("Cast Magick", Keyboard.KEY_R, "key.categories." + ModBase.MODID); public static void load() { for (ModKeybinding k : elementKeys) { ClientRegistry.registerKeyBinding(k); } ClientRegistry.registerKeyBinding(keyArea); ClientRegistry.registerKeyBinding(keyClear); ClientRegistry.registerKeyBinding(keyMagick); } public ModKeybinding(String description, int id, String s) { super(description, id, s); } public ModKeybinding(String description, int id, Element e) { this(description, id, "key.categories." + ModBase.MODID); element = e; elementToKeyMap.put(e, this); } }
  3. Thank you for your answer but it seems like in player inventory it still renders as Orthographic
  4. I'm currently making a gui that'd display a model and player can edit it, move it around,.... somewhat similar to a 3d model editing program. But when i use GL11.glTranslated(x, y, z), translate x and y work fine, but no matter what value i put to z, nothing seems to change, no matter what angle i'm looking the model at. After a little search I found out that when rendering guis, Minecraft switch to rendering as Orthographic, and i'd like to know how to change it back to Perspective, when i try GL11.glFrustum it keeps saying "GL ERROR - @ Post render - 1280 : invalid enum and the model seems to disappear How would i change to render as perspective view correctly?
  5. Then i must ask Jeb to call getPosition when his zombie is updating, also rotateAroundZ when it's looking around Thank you for your clearance anyway.
  6. And that's exactly the problem, what if others want to use it? making a copy of the method wouldn't be such a problem, but using the vanilla's methods will always feel better and secured. Why aren't there any way to force that stripping from happening? Or at least restrict the obfuscator in some files. Forge must be able to do this, or at least FML, since "Side" and "SideOnly" are in FML
  7. i understand how @SideOnly works, my question is, i see no reason for those methods to be client only, there has to be a way to force them to be universal Take Vec3.rotateAroundZ for example, why is it ClientOnly when Vec3.rotateAroundX and rotateAroundY are completely universal. Also, EntityLivingBase.rayTrace is ClientOnly, only because EntityLivingBase.getPosition is ClientOnly, and why would getPosition be client only if getLook (which is as commonly used) is universal? If something never gets called from the Server it doesn't necessarily mean it exists for client-purposes only. What if it's Mojang's placeholder method and they are planning to use it right in the next version? In 1.5.2, those methods weren't client-only, they served many purposes in the server, but now in 1.6.2 they are, i see no point in that
  8. Here are some methods i found that are client-only and I see no reason why they aren't universal EntityLivingBase.getPosition(float par1) EntityLivingBase.rayTrace(double par1, float par3) Vec3.rotateAroundZ(float par1) there are probably more, but I have found no more at the moment
  9. you mean something like this? @Mod(modid=myModID, name=myModName, version="1.0.0", dependencies="before:*") i can see in the dependencies's definition it says "(see modloader's "priorities" string specification)" i can't find that modloader's priorities string specification anywhere
  10. I'm trying to make a mod that will give custom renderer to all items that doesn't have a custom renderer yet, so to do that i want to change my mod's loading priority so that it'll be loaded first, and later any mod that adds custom item renderer will be able to override mine. So how do i do it?
  11. My mod has @NetworkMod so it should be a universal mod? How do i make my mod not just client-side?
  12. My mod runs fine with ssp or lan, no problems with that. But when it comes to dedicated server, it keeps throwing java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/client/gui/GuiScreen even though there's not a single line referred to GuiScreen.java or any subclass in my ModBase.java I'm using 1.6.2, with only recommended Forge Here's the log And here's the line where it "causes" the crash, line 176 And here's the whole file in case it helps Thank you.
  13. So i'm wondering if it's possible for BreakSpeed (extends PlayerEvent) to have the coordinates of the block being broken since this mod i'm working on will check whether a player is breaking a block in a safe-zone or a wild-zone (i mean the block inside the zone, not the player) and then decrease his digging speed. I've already thought of ray-tracing or getting the block's position through player.getLookVec() but this mod will be used on big servers so doing that way will cause quite a strain on the server. So i'm hoping coordinate parameters will be added to the event Thank you for considering.
  14. I'd really like to have PotionBrewedEvent to have the reference to the TileEntityBrewingStand that is brewing the potions since i'm making a mod that will spawn items and entities when potions are brewed nearby the brewing stand Maybe like this package net.minecraftforge.event.brewing; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraftforge.event.Event; public class PotionBrewedEvent extends Event { /** * The brewing stacks in the brewing stand. Each index has the possibility to be null, so make sure you check. */ public ItemStack[] brewingStacks; public TileEntityBrewingStand brewingStand; public PotionBrewedEvent(TileEntityBrewingStand brewingStand, ItemStack[] brewingStacks) { this.brewingStand = brewingStand; this.brewingStacks = brewingStacks; } } and when the event is called in TileEntityBrewingStand line 201 ..... MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.post(new PotionBrewedEvent(this, brewingItemStacks)); hope it'd get implemented
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