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  1. Pretty much I want to be able to call a tick method on a custom block when an event is fired. To give some background, I am making a stardew valley like game, I have an event when the next day occurs, but I want the crops to grow a stage when this event is called. I know I could loop through all the crop blocks per chunk but that's very inefficient. Anyone know of any way this would be possible? Thank you!
  2. Welp I figured it out... public static void attach(final AttachCapabilitiesEvent<LivingEntity> event) { should be public static void attach(final AttachCapabilitiesEvent<Entity> event) {
  3. Basically I am trying to save the players "balance" inside a LivingEntity capability. Currently anytime I run my tests it seems the capability is not getting attached to the player. Currently im not getting any errors, just nothing My provider class: My Coin class: My CapabilityEvent class And finally my Tester class snippet:
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