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  1. OK, to begin with. I haven't started to trace the bug yet, I just want to confirm if I am the only one or not. I use MMC 5 to install all mods and handle different instances of MC. I have in MMC set Java up to use up to 768 MB. If I play MC 1.7.2 with any 1.7.2 (any I tried, starting back at some late 900er) forge version and Optifine 1.7.2 HD (no other mod installed at that point) after some time (usually several hours) I recognize that my free ram has significant dropped until it is running out at some point. (which results in a very laggy game play and very low frame rate) So I dunno yet if its caused by minecraft, by optifine, by forge, or by MMC 5. Is it a known bug? If it is: Is there a workaround (other than restart MC)? And why the heck are the forum formatting buttons are currently not working for me? (probably some wired settings in my browser .. which is set up to be so secure it doesn't display any website anymore ;p )
  2. Since I failed to find reliable information I have to ask and it seems appropriate to ask my question here. I know that it depends on various circumstances but ... How far has the 1.7.4 forge development come? Has the project which forge is depending on ... the decrypting one (dunno how to describe it better) ... started to work on 1.7.4? ... and if ... how far are they? just begun? halfway through? done? (failed to find the infos, and I know you can't start without)
  3. @diesieben07 I did, but I thought couln't hurt to do the same here.
  4. This is my second post here. Registering took hours, and my first post, too. (6 hours in total!) Because every time I was trying to, the server was down. Is the server to small for the usage? Or did someone attacked you? Or what happened?
  5. There occours a problem with CodeChickenCore and Forge newer than It causes Minecraft to freeze and won't even show the Minecraft Window. Here are my stats: Win 7 X64 Ultimate Java 7 Update 17 - 64bit JRE (will update it to 21 after this post) MultiMC (forge downloaded with multimc) Minecraft 1.5.2 Vanilla (means just downloaded, no other mods, no texture packs) and CodeChickenCore with Forge (as one version in the middle) MultiMC log: with Forge (as the latest) with Forge (the earliest 1.5.2) [util and including] actually works! I never downgraded that far. with Forge (as the earliest that stopped working) This post is a duplicate of my other post in the Minecraft-Forum on ChickenBones Mod Thread ... this issue may on your, on their, or on both sides. I have trouble uploading the ForgeModLoader-client-0.log as an attachment so I try to put it here
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