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  1. I'm making my own Furnace. Everything works now but I have the problem whenever it triggers an Achievment my Furnace is changed into a Vanilla furnace. Can someone help me ? And where are the things with the Achievments in the classes for a Furnace ?
  2. I wanted to make my Ore only minable with an Iron Pickaxe but it seems like setHarvestLevel isn't working correctly cause I can mine my block with every pickaxe
  3. I had working worldgen for my ore in 1.6 but I can't find my ore now in 1.7. WorldGenClass:
  4. Also no texture can be loaded with lowercase modID. The funny thing is that just ONE fucking textrue isn't working ^^.
  5. The normal ModID is uppercase but, first shouldn't matter and second if I rename the folder of the textures (in the jar) to uppercase NO texture can be loaded
  6. log(from ATLauncher): Path: NividiumOre class:
  7. It's exactly in the folders as in the dev folders and written in the code. Also it's funny that one of the block textures is working and the other not
  8. When I run my mod in Eclipse every texture works. When running minecraft with my mod every Texture works except one block texture. The other block works fine and also both textures are in the jar.
  9. Thank you, I actually watched a part of the course when I was modding 1.6.4 but I didn't know how much changed in 1.7
  10. I want to make my own Furnace, so I need a GUI which opens when you rightclick the block. Sorry man, I am 14 and from Germany so my english isn't the best.
  11. Does anyone here knows a good Tutorial for GUI's ? If not are the forge-wiki tutorials up to date ? Thx for help
  12. Yeah I'm adding them to the game-registry in the pre-init part ( the addItems methods ). Also not sure what the addNames is doing there I think a left over from testing at the beginning of 1.7 Edit: Seems to work with everything in te pre-Init part
  13. But I put initializing stuff in preInit and recipes in init so it should work.
  14. That's the crash: Crash-report: Eclipse-log:
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