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  1. Additional update, when i load back into file zilla, all the mods I added in myself are gone, like FileZilla identify and deletes them?
  2. Here is the rundown, I am using Zap Hosting to host a multiplayer MC server I am using ''Curse / Twitch: Medieval MC [FORGE] – MMC2'' as my game in order to get all the mods & things on FileZilla Because there were some additional mods I wanted. I decided to add my mods on FileZilla, by downloading them & adding them into the mods folder on FileZilla. In the medieval file But it keeps saying the mods I have in my client are not on the server.. but I added them into mods folder Any help? I am happy to answer any questions I don't know how to upload an image to URL so here is what it says when I try to enter the world: Failed to connect to server Connected closed - mismatched mod channel list The server is missing the following mods, remove these mods from your client to join this server
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