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  1. Hi, im looking for a way to check the % of charge on a bow/crossbow, but cant find it on any way to do it. Is there something similar to player.getAttackStrengthScale() but for ranged weapons? (Sorry if there is already a similar post, I kept searching for such but couldnt find it)
  2. Hi! Im trying to make player send a message, but cant quite understand what arguments should I pass. It asks for: String (Message from what I understand) Component (This part I cant understand, what is it for?) Thanks for any help!
  3. Close the topic, found it: mc.gameMode.handleInventoryMouseClick();
  4. Is there any version of mc.playerController().windowClick() in forge 1.19.2? was it renamed or something? (last time I used it was when I was making mod for 1.12.2)
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