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  1. Thanks, so using the wrong method. So I created a delay of 1 tick, it will update instantly. Solved
  2. I saw that too, but where does the method need to be, in the place event. Or on updateTick?
  3. Can't find any doc for this, but I put markBlockForUpdate in my onBlockAdded
  4. I've got a furnace block, which I want to change the texture from. And that works, but every time it has to change, it will do after somewhat around 20 seconds. Code I used in updateTick():
  5. Ok, it works with the setDefaultDirection method. This is the class now:
  6. I still don't get it. This is what I have right now public Icon getIcon(int side, int meta) { ForgeDirection dir = ForgeDirection.getOrientation(side); if( dir == ForgeDirection.UP ) { return this.top; } else if( dir == ForgeDirection.DOWN ) { return this.bottom; } else { if (Need to check if this other side is turned towards the player){ return front; }else{ return this.side; } } }
  7. How can I use to front, because the things you've done can only use the sides and bottom and top. (That is working) But how can I use the front (the side the player places it), as a seperate texture? And how can I use the activation and change the texture.
  8. (I've read the post on the forums about textures) But I still don't know how I can set textures for multiple sides, I already followed a tutorial on it. That was using Deprecated code. I want my block to have 4 different textures Normal front Activated (front) Side(s) Top and bottom
  9. Thanks for clearing that up, I'll take a look at their IRC.
  10. I tried to use the tutorial from here and Modloader is loading my mod. EDIT: I used MCP to get the code for Minecraft.
  11. I also tried 500 just like the tutorial, that worked neither.
  12. I just started to make Minecraft mods with ModLoader, but i'm already stuck with my first block. (All the classes are in the net.minecraft.src package) Main class : http://pastebin.com/SKsC9rSs MyBlock class : http://pastebin.com/UuaeGa51 Error: http://pastebin.com/7YHspTuj
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