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  1. Hi all, I'm attempting to add a glowing effect to all entities within distance from the player. My (kotlin) code looks as follows: worldIn.getEntitiesWithinAABB(EntityLivingBase::class.java, playerIn.entityBoundingBox.grow(RANGE)) .filter { it.canBeHitWithPotion() } .forEach { playerIn.sendMessage(TextComponentString("Found entity: ${it.toString()}")) it.addPotionEffect(PotionEffect(MobEffects.GLOWING, 200, 0)) } The debug message is working correctly for all mobs within the range, and I can see the glowing effect in my inventory. However none of the mobs are actually glowing. The `addPotionEffect` line is the exact same way that the Spectral Arrow triggers the potion effect, so I cannot figure out why this doesn't work. Any advice would be appreciated! - AgentEpsilon EDIT: This exact same thing happens for any potion effect - the effect appears in my inventory, but nothing happens.
  2. I really only needed the player to retrieve the IExtendedEntityProperties that I had bound to it. Thanks though, I'll keep that in mind!
  3. Hey, I am currently using a KeyInputEvent to track keypresses, however this event does not have a player variable. How would I access the player with this? Is there another way to do keypresses that allows me to access the player? Thank you!
  4. Ah, I see. I was trying to make a GUI that would stream SoundCloud to your client as you played. An html streaming audio feature would be useful in vanilla. Server games like TheHerobrine could just stream their custom sounds right to MC Clients, instead of making them connect to a website in a browser. Oh well, thanks Alix!
  5. Hello, I am working with the SoundCloud Java API to stream sounds from the internet. Is there any way that I could play a sound that I got using the API? Here is the API that I am using: https://github.com/voidplus/soundcloud-java-library Thanks!
  6. I cant find how to run chat commands. For example, I want my item to set the time to day when right clicked.
  7. It seems like either onItemUse or onItemRightClick will work.
  8. Hello, What code would I use to add a use action to an item? Also, how can I make that item post a message to the chat or run a chat command? Thanks.
  9. Hi! I'm a relatively new modder, but everything was going well until I discovered this: I cannot for the life of me figure out why it would display itemGroup.Epsilon instead of just Epsilon. Code I have that creates the tab: public static CreativeTabs Epsilon = new CreativeTabs("Epsilon") { public ItemStack getIconItemStack() { return new ItemStack(lightstoneIngot, 1, 0); } }; Any Ideas? Thanks!
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