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  1. Hey all, I tried everything I know (not much)and I couldn't create an entity without crashing. So I went and looked at project Zulu ,copied all the relevant code and used it in my mod. My objective is to try and fix the crash, and see my entity. Once I do that, I'll start writing the code myself because I'll know what is needed. Only problem is, it still crashes. I'm getting something like a tick issue, which is strange, but here is the crash report. If, just tell me what classes are needed and I can provide them.:
  2. That simply says that it is unable to find the texture and is using the missing texture texture. I would like to know how to use this method myself so that I can assign a missing texture for my mod incase a texture goes missing.
  3. Couldn't see anything wrong with it... Is there a way to see if a texture doesn't load correctly? Without having to dig into and edit Forge's code of course.
  4. What he said. You either accidently deleted (I've done this) or you switched workspaces without realizing it. Or you moved it.
  5. I know that can affect all the textures being seen, but the thing is, it finds all the other +100 textures I have. I'll try it though.
  6. So, I was all excited that my mod finally got to a place where it looked "visually pleasing" at least to me. And then I recompile, reobfuscate, etc. I stick it all in a file, stick that in my mods folder and run the game. Game loads, so far so good. Open the world, and the textures are there. I then go to "test" some of my connected textures and it seems that 4 of them return a missing texture. I go to check if that happens in eclipse, and it doesn't. I removed all the other mods I used, and tried it alone, still the same problem, 4-5 textures just refuse to show up. Works perfect in eclipse though. Anyone know how to fix this bug? Here is my block's code that is messing up: If other code is needed, just let me know.
  7. I flipin' love you! IT worked thank you so much!
  8. Ah. Fail, now I see what your after. I don't know. Is there another mod that you might look at that does this?
  9. Could you look for the temperatures and biome heights of the biomes and use that to determine if your mob should spawn there?
  10. Wow, found another fix. I used the other transferToDimension method (The one that has the third argument of teleporter) and it places you there without a nether portal, add a few smoke effects and you've got yourself Mystcraft teleportation. Here is my code if you want it:
  11. Still doesn't work... I do appreciate your help BTW.
  12. Maybe he wants to make it like a UHC. Removing certain items to make it more difficult.
  13. You should just be able to have your block use Isidededness. Or you could look at how the furnace works. Hope this helps!
  14. If you did an override to vanilla ore generation you could remove ores from the world, hence making them in-accessible in survival... I don't know about creative though.
  15. I would love to say that I love you... But it didn't work... Here is my MapGenCaves and updated ChunkProvider:
  16. Hello all, got my custom dimension to work, with custom trees, grass, dirt rock, ores, plants, etc. But not, I am walking around and I see a hole in the ground, I think, "Yes, finally a cave!" and when I fly down there I see.... The dirt has a hole in it, but the rock was not replaced in the cave generation leaving me with this: Anyone know what is going on with this? I find it slightly weird because when I originally started working on the dimension and used my custom rock, grass, dirt, it generated them perfectely (I even got one that was far batter than any I have seen in vanilla) and somewhere in the process of me adding in trees/plants/custom models/ores it got messed up and does that. Here is all the code I think you guys might need: WorldProvider Chunk Provider Dimension Biome Teleporter ( I honestly have no clue what this would do with the caves generating, but hey, why not even if it is useless someone might get to use it, Open source FTW! ) Custom WorldGenMinabl class WorldGnererator ChunkProvider
  17. I am having this same problem, I keep generating a nether portal. Even when I am just going from the overworld to my custom dimension. I'd like to know of a fix as well. The objective for me is to "strand" the player in the world so they have to "find" their way out. If you can find the fix Draco, please post it here so I can use it too.
  18. Hey guys. I am trying to create a block that (if the above block is my "grass" block) will have a "grass" overlay on its top edges, and it the block above it is anything but that grass block, it will not have the overlay. I tried to approach this from a connected textures method, but that didn't exactly work. So, is their another method I should try? Or was I just doing it wrong? If the later, how exactly would I go about doing it right?
  19. Hey all, me again. Got a question, I am making a block which when placed destroys the block beneath it. It works fine, I've got it to leave water and lava and things like portals and dragon eggs, but I was wondering, is there a way check the "mining level" of a block. By mining level I mean that obsidian requires a level 3 pick to destroy. I'd rather not have to go program all the id's in because 1. If Minecraft adds more blocks I have to update that code. 2. If someone adds a mod with an indestructible block, well... It won't be indestructible for long. Any help is appreciated!
  20. I haven't looked into this, but my best advice is to look at how minecraft does it with the creative menu and do your best to do that.
  21. And that worked! Thanks man, with the code I put in to that block it was indestructible even in creative and my entire test world was turning into it my world my explosions.
  22. Hmm... Try using the "onBlockPlaced" method. Then in that do a for statement for as long as x > 0 play a sound, and then constantly add to x. Not the best method ever. But it is what I can think of off the top of my head without having tried to do this before. To actually play the sound, use this statement inside the for statement: par2World.playSound
  23. Do you want it to play the sound when it gets a redstone signal? When it is placed? All the time never stopping, or what? Specifics be needed.
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