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  1. Buttons are client side only, you must send a packet to the server saying "this button was pressed."
  2. Really what happened was that this parameter you were passing: worldIn.setBlock(pos, state, ... ); was this: BlockState state = worldIn.getBlockState(pos); when it should have been this: ModBlocks.SCORCHED_EARTH.get().getDefaultState()
  3. The Forge team can't support every version of Minecraft in-perpetuity. No software company does that with their software. Forge has decided that they will support the most recent major version (1.17) and a single LTS version (1.15) 1.12 is 4 years old at this point.
  4. Well, no. You need to be able to cast the thing you want to register (in this case, a block). You can't make a RegistryObject<Item> store a new Block() for instance. That's precisely what the new keyword does.
  5. This, by the way, doesn't need to be strictly typed to your class. You could just use RegistryObject<Block>
  6. Being a professional software developer, no, a "coder" is "someone who codes." A software developer is the professional term. At best, you're a script kiddie.
  7. False. Your first thread on this very forum on this topic was this one in which you were already under the assumption that items and blocks were done via datapacks. The first reply even says "no you don't" and linked you the relevant documentation. Unless you mean this post which was referring to the blockstate, model, and loot table files which was already in reply to your complaint that datapacks are a hassle.
  8. Having done this in the past, stepOn is not super reliable, it'll pick up about 2 in every 3 blocks (less if you're sprinting). And if you want it to break as if it was harvested and drop items, you'll need to call the drops function (which I don't know the name of off-hand).
  9. Oops, you were correct. I was having trouble finding the recipe and searched the entire repo. It did have the correct path in it though. Anyway, I see you got it.
  10. That's the wrong location. /resources/data/create/advancements/recipes/create.base/crafting/kinetics/cogwheel.json https://github.com/Creators-of-Create/Create/blob/mc1.16/dev/src/generated/resources/data/create/advancements/recipes/create.base/crafting/kinetics/cogwheel.json
  11. Or more accurately, Create is overriding yours. It's a "who ever goes last wins" situation. You should change that from "BEFORE" to "AFTER"
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