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  1. i can't belive this, the chunkanimator was the problem... everything is fine now, i can use the shader with the mods my only problem is that i have lag xd thank you so much, you helped me a lot
  2. https://paste.ee/d/Mx8yQ this is my latest crash log, but the problem is that i tried it this with "Iris & Oculus Flywheel Compat" and i put already some mod with the optifine, i don't get any crash log
  3. hi guys, i got a problem, i get crash everytime when i install optifine or oculus+rubidium into my created "modpack"(i put 152 mod) i created in curseforge i don't get any crash log too, i only get this, someone have any solution please? ps. i tried that i install every version of optifine and oculus+rubidium in 1.20.1 ofc seperated
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