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  1. my minecraft crashes and says "game crashed whilst rendering overlay" i have 10GB allocated memory on it so i dont think memory is the issue https://paste.ee/p/zcGOs crash log EDIT: i also deleted the forge-client.toml file but it still doesnt work EDIT: the problem was the what are they up to mod
  2. we tried both versions and both cant run on her laptop for some reason idk what to do
  3. Okay so we tried both versions and both cant run on her pc for some reason!
  4. i tried for the windows 11 version but for some reason it said unable to run on this device so im gonna tell her to try the windows 10 ver
  5. My (other) friend downloaded Forge 43.3.5 and the game always crashes with Exit Code 1. She has an AMD Ryzen 5 7520u Graphics card and an AMD Radeon processor. She's running 5 mods, The Man from The Fog 1.19.2-1.1.0, simple voice chat 1.19.2-2.5.5, From The Fog 1.19.2-1.9.1, geckolib 3.1.38 and corail tombstone-8.2.2 For some reason, she doesn't have the crash-reports folder, so here's what I found in the /logs folder (I don't know if it's gonna help): https://paste.ee/p/n4v8k
  6. My friend has an AMD Radeon(TX) RX Vega 10 Graphics Card and as soon as she presses play minecraft crashes and gives her exit code 1. She has 8GB of memory on her laptop. What should she do? When she plays minecraft without forge it runs just fine.
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