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  1. Thanks for replying. I tried that order but I think I was missing ModLoaderMP (it didn't work without it). So the successful order apparently is: MCPatcher, ModLoader, ModloaderMP, Forge, Optifine, mods. However, I'm now facing an annoying graphical issue: half of the time I can see through terrain (more of a offtopic thrown... thing).
  2. Hello. Is Forge compatible with MCPatcher? Cause just as I enter in the game I can see the health/hunger bars but it instantly the screen goes black. This only happens with MCPatcher, ModLoader, Forge installed (all updated for MC 1.2.5) With Optifine, ModLoader and Forge everything works just fine. But without MCPatcher I can't use HD textures like Misa or LB Photo Realism etc. as the textures render incorrectly (with little flames on them) and water is invisible or has a text on it. I'm curious how people can use RedPower (requires forge) along with HD texture packs....
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