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  1. My newest episode. I want it to get a little bit more exposure then a normal LP episode as I have a proposition for my viewers. [embed=425,349] [/embed]
  2. If you could convince the big name LP'rs like Direwolf etc, who make use of the Forge code, to ask their fan base to use this forum for their discussion it could very well be a boon for your team. More traffic and page views of course means more revenue for your webpage from your ads. Just to continue using Direwolf as an example, most of the posts for his thread on the minecraft forums is about getting all those mods of his to work in one instance, that is the kind of thing that should be posted and answered here I would think as they are more or less talking forge stuff. I don
  3. Also forgive my rudeness I failed to thank the Forge team for allowing the modding talent that is out there a way to meld their creations into a seamless minecraft instance. That alone is a project worthy of admiration and praise. PoB
  4. I started a thaumcraft 2 lets play and have so far received positive feedback as to the quality of my work hence far. If you are interested in a lets play that only uses thaumcraft 2 then if you could be so kind check me out! [embed=425,349] [/embed] PoB
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