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  1. https://pastebin.com/edZw4Vr9 I am unsure if that is the entire thing or if I need to put the described parts also. But i went up until the first line separating the code or whatever? let me know if more is needed?
  2. Is this the crash report or the exit code? and paste sit? not the most techy person?
  3. Hi, So I have been plating ATM 9 for a few weeks. Nearly have my first star, however, i wanted to add Thermal Series, so i added all the related mods to that collection, including the CoFH Core mod that it aparently says you need. This was done through curse forge and now it wont finish booting and says "The game crashed whilst rendering overlay Error: net.minecraftforge.fml.ModLoadingException: Thermal Series (thermal) encountered an error during the done event phase". My ram allocated 16000mb which is definitely enough. The modpack is 1.20.1 and the mods on curse forge state 1.20.1 and were compatible so i do not know what is wrong? Any help would be great?
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