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  1. Ohh boys, so I just started everything yesterday and apparently, it's way different from when I was coding 2 years ago. I'll try to get to the same point again before even trying to get this bonus health added Still need to understand why they changed the way textures was working. Once I'm used to it , I guess everything will go faster.
  2. Yo guys, it's been 2 years since I stopped everything related to MC and recently, while I was doing some cleanup on my hard drive, I found my old sources and it brought me some good memories I had only one question related to max health. Back in the day when I was planning to create my mod, I had no idea how to modify the player maxhealth based on the equipment he's wearing. I asked a lot and the only answer I used to get was, it's not possible. Is it still the case? I remember that we tried a lot's of thing but noone was working.
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