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  1. The error indicates that there are invalid characters in the file path. Try double-checking your mod configuration to make sure all paths are correct and not using invalid characters.
  2. It seems you're having trouble saving progress on the server. Perhaps during the spawn construction process something goes wrong with saving data. Try checking your configuration files and save settings to make sure everything is configured correctly. Also pay attention to any error or exception messages in the server log files, these may help identify the problem. If the error persists, try using debugging tools or contact your modding community or server host for help.
  3. The problem with potion identification and registration may be caused by incorrect use of the Registry class and the undefined new identifier() method. To register a potion, use the register method of the ForgeRegistries.POTION class instead of Registry.POTION. Make sure you have defined the Registry correctly and imported the required classes. Additionally, you are missing a method definition for invokeRegisterPotionRecipe().
  4. Anyways... do you have the correct version of Java installed for your Minecraft? Check that all Minecraft and Forge files are installed correctly. If everything is ok, try running Minecraft without using Forge to make sure that the problem is not related to it
  5. From your error log it appears that the problem may be related to the Biomes O' Plenty mod. Try temporarily uninstalling this mod and running the game again to see if that helps resolve the issue. If not, try updating or removing other outdated or incompatible mods. If the problem still persists, reinstall Minecraft and Forge, making sure you are using the latest versions. Good luck!
  6. Make sure you have the latest version of Forge that is compatible with your version. Some versions of Forge may not work with the latest Minecraft updates. Make sure Forge is properly installed and integrated with your Minecraft client. Check that the Forge files were copied correctly to the "mods" folder in your Minecraft profile folder.
  7. If you've previously used REI Item Moves without issue, but are experiencing an error in a modified session, the issue is likely related to changes made in that session or compatibility with other mods.
  8. Check mod compatibility, make sure mod files are installed and named correctly. Eliminate conflicts and errors in configuration files. Check if the mod is suitable for the version of Minecraft you are using
  9. It's possible that the Complex Core mod is interacting with another mod, causing a conflict and resulting in an error. It is recommended to check the compatibility of mods and update them to the latest versions. Also refer to the mod community for more information on possible conflicts and how to resolve them
  10. The file probably doesn't contain enough information or is in the wrong format. Check your "TheDawnEra" configuration file for correct syntax and required data
  11. Have you registered your block correctly in the ModBlocks class? Check that you're using the correct parameters to register the block, including the block material, sound, and other properties. Check if your texture for the Titan Tooth block has a transparent background. The textures may be in the wrong format or the transparency may not have been set correctly.
  12. Bro, you have a typo trree instead of tree. I'm sure that's why it gives the error. Try to write the correct name for maple. Here is an example of the fix: Registry.register(BuiltinRegistries.CONFIGURED_FEATURE, new Identifier("japan_mod", "trree"), CUSTOM_TREE); If your maple still doesn't grow after this, check your world settings and make sure it loads the mod correctly.
  13. Hehe, make some copies of all mods and config files used in your modpack. This includes mod .jar files and all configuration files. Then go to Modrinth and create a new project. Upload all the mod .jar files you want to include in your modpack, as well as any additional files or resources. Let me know later if it worked
  14. Wow, from the error log you can see that there is a problem with the "mekanism" mod. Make sure you have compatible versions of all mods installed. Some mods may have conflicts or require certain versions of other mods.
  15. You will need to use mods. Look for mods that offer drinking animations and returning empty containers. After you find suitable mods, you should install them on your server. Make sure the mod version is compatible with your version of Minecraft Review the mod's configuration files or documentation to learn how to add a custom food item with your desired properties. You may need to adjust recipes, textures, and other settings. Next, conduct testing to ensure that the drinking animation works correctly and that the empty bottle is returned after consumption. If you plan to share your results with other players or create your own mod, it's important to document the process of creating a custom food item so others can replicate it. Post back later to see if everything worked out.
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