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  1. doesn't work But after trying to make a boat with Valkyrien Skies, I got this : https://pastebin.com/bxnDcHr3 maybe the problem comes from valkyrien skies itself ?
  2. yeah, I was about to try other builds for Valkyrien Skies but i'm scared of breaking everything again
  3. nevermind, I found what I did wrong But I still don't know what to do about the previous error with the item in Clockwork
  4. I tried disabling Just Enough Item to test, and after putting it back with some other mods I got this : https://pastebin.com/gD977jeL
  5. Tried panorama_screens and some other mod, but it still gives me the same error : https://pastebin.com/CG2hUbcY What is the problem exactly ? Is there a problem with the model of one of the items of Clockwork ?
  6. Couldn't remove Create since it's an addon directly for it, but I disabled every single other addons and tried again, it seems to be the same issue again : https://pastebin.com/ZGpPsBDE
  7. still not, it gave me this : https://pastebin.com/8RGM5rNa
  8. sorry, I thought it was the same as before : https://pastebin.com/wBrf9w3H
  9. It now gives me this one : https://pastebin.com/W50DSXNA
  10. When I click on Clockwork in creative, it gives me this crash-report : https://pastebin.com/rBjQaLVb
  11. When I create a new world i get this crash-report : https://pastebin.com/P0YwfVZH
  12. it's now showing me this : https://pastebin.com/5ugXhvJC
  13. it gave me this : https://pastebin.com/3y3wgDDU
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