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  1. I'm trying to open my world but it throws an unexpected exception. Error Log: https://paste.ee/p/pwLoR
  2. Yeah, the same issue appears with Corail Tombstones and Corpse mods. I used them separately.
  3. Here's an example of when the player can't move and can't die. https://paste.ee/p/AZn42
  4. So I made a mod pack, but there is a problem when the player dies it registers twice and if the player is not the server host sometimes he can't move after dying, and even /kill does not kill him. Minecraft version: 1.19.2 Forge version: 43.3.0 Mod List: https://paste.ee/p/s0thj
  5. Apparently, it was MineColonies issue, but still thanks for the help!
  6. I'm trying to boot my mod pack, but after pressing the play button on the Minecraft launcher the launcher disappears as normal but nothing shows up after that. Log file: https://paste.ee/p/PNbuq
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