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  1. It did kinda work, after like 20 minutes of installing and uninstalling things i got openjdk 17.0.10 installed, and the server starts now, but it doesn't work with the mod that i want (the silence), not sure if it's the forge's fault, or if the mod is just broken, because it doesn't also work when i launch the game with this mod in mods folder. Here are logs if they can help. https://paste.ee/p/T2CRW - debug log https://paste.ee/p/ICSvS#s=0&l=39 - latest log
  2. I'm trying to install forge 47.2.0 server, because that is the only version that works for the mod i want to use, but every time i try to execute "run.sh" (i'm using linux) the second time after accepting eula it doesn't work, and just gives me a bunch of errors, that i don't understand at all. Meanwhile the forge 47.2.21 server works perfectly fine. I installed the latest java version 22, and my drivers are up to date. Not sure if i included all the necessary logs, but those are all i could find. Debug log - https://paste.ee/p/Kr4Y7 Latest log - https://paste.ee/p/uoKGE
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