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  1. ok, i solved it by using a FlatLevelSource chunk generator and having no layers. i also called setDecoration();
  2. Hi there, how do i remove the default generation? My biome generates very default things such as caves, dirt, water, and grass. How do I make it only generate features? For example, the biome would be void with some floating custom features.
  3. Instead of extending TieredItem, try and extend SwordItem
  4. Xoroshio


    Where are you calling createAttributes() ? you may have to do this: @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = MOD_ID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD) public class ModEventBusEvents { @SubscribeEvent public static void registerAttributes(EntityAttributeCreationEvent event) { event.put(ModEntityType.AFRAID_BOSS.get(), AfraidBoss.createAttributes().build()); } }
  5. I’m not sure why your first problem is being a problem, it’s code should work. Can I see your ModItems class? There might be a problem there. Your second issue, two effects on one material, is because you are trying to modify an immutable map before it is built. The way your code works is the each armour material is mapped to ONE armour effect. Is you want multiple effects for each material, you will have to modify the map so that it maps armour materials to a list of effects. You will also have to modify the effect applying code to work with lists if effects.
  6. You could try and manage custom armour features from inside armourTick. You would need to create a custom item called, for example, SapphireChestplateItem. It would extend ModAmrorItem. Your code might look like this: @Override public void onArmorTick(){ super.onArmorTick(); //your code here } If onArmorTick is to slow for you, you can listen for server ticks and loop through the servers players and if the current one if wearing your armor, do whatever you want. btw this is only is you want the result of the effect, not like a full blown armour independent effect, e.g night vision
  7. Hi, I have tried to make biome tags for custom biomes, however when the ModBiomeTagProvider runs, it throws an error saying: “could not create tag tagname because it is missing the following references: biomename”. I used the normal way you register tags, extending ForgeBiomeTagProvider. Thank you in advance.
  8. There is a problem with net/mcreator/stonks/gui/AlloyFurnaceGUIGui$GuiWindow mcreator is probably the culprit
  9. The player doesn’t have a respawn point because you haven’t used a bed or respawn anchor or something. When the players respawn point is null and the player wants to respawn, the server calculates when the player should respawn. If getRespawnPosition is null, get the world spawn from the ServerLevel
  10. I can’t see what the problem is since there seem to be no errors. Are you sure that was everything? The last log seems to be about the graphics library. Maybe that is the issue. [20:26:39] [main/INFO]: Incorrect key [earlyWindowSkipGLVersions] was corrected from null to [] …… [20:26:41] [main/INFO]: Trying GL version 4.6 looks sus, but it might not be the issue
  11. setDeltaMovement only works on the client. this makes the animations smoother. The reason sendSystemMessage works is because you don’t have to constantly send messages from the server to the client, and a little bit of lag is ok. This is a core minecraft mechanism, but you can send custom packets over to the client to set its deltaMovement. The client has to have a way to receive the packets too.
  12. Try and replace () -> new Item(Item.properties….. in ModItems with () -> new HoneyBottleItem(Item.properties……
  13. Thanks so much, do you have any launcher suggestions or is Prism Launcher the go to launcher?
  14. Hi, the microphone mod is not working on my Mac. It says “launcher does not support MacOS microphone permissions” Thank you in advance for answering.
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