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  1. Tried it, and changed a bunch more settings and it works. Not sure what made it work because it is running on the integrated card instead of the GeForce one (probably just because I have not restarted the PC yet) but all packs load up now. Thank you for your help.
  2. I am using GeForce, but I checked anyway, and they are up to date
  3. After a short pause, I returned to one of my 1.20.1 modpacks, and it started crashing. After trying to find out what is causing it I found out all modpacks on 1.19.2+ crash be it a custom modpack, official modpack or just minecraft with forge and no mods. It just gives me error code 1 and fatal error in logs. First I thought it was a problem with curseforge and tried their support but after asking their development team they sent me here as according to them the problem is with forge itself. I have already tried all the common ways of solving basic problems like updating my drivers, restarting pc, trying different modpack profiles, reinstalling and repairing said profiles, reinstalling forge and overwolf, trying forge without it, trying GD Launcher, but it has the same problem and also tried reinstalling java several times - nothing helped. crash, debug and latest logs: https://pastebin.com/rYBWLtQ5 - crash https://pastebin.com/YaG5xGkC - debug https://pastebin.com/VSDCVxaf - latest in case of it being useful, here is also my support ticket form curseforge: https://support.overwolf.com/en/support/tickets/238375
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