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  1. Hello reader, I am trying to have a block with a TileEntitySpecialRenderer and a block model have animated textures. The workaround so far that I have is to change the texture every 5 times the method is called in the TileEntitySpecialRenderer implemented class, but this causes some strange behaviours. If I look at the blocks on a more acute angle, the textures seem to speed up really fast compared to when the player stares at it directly. It also does not stop when the game is paused. Because of this, I am wandering if there is another way to have block animations with blocks that have models than what I have already got. If there is no other way, does anyone know any OpenGL code to make the block render more correctly (uniform speed no matter what angle)? An example of my workaround is below: TileEntityLightBridgeSectionRenderer.java The reference to LightTextures.bridgeTextures is simply an array of ResourceLocations for the texture for every frame. Any help is much appreciated
  2. The suggested changes still do not work in the link you provided me, but thank you.
  3. Hello, I have a gravity lift block, which repels you upwards from a certain set height, however I am having problems with that height not saving. When the GUI is closed, it calls a method directly in the tile entity class to set the height for which the gravity lift would propel you upwards. It does work, but does not save. I know you must use packets for this, but I have not been able to find a tutorial that teaches what I need - all of the packet tutorials are not for 1.7.2. I have posted a topic on the Forge Forums a while back about the same issue, but that was for MC 1.6, so it is outdated. Any help with ways of solving this would be much appreciated! Plus any links to tutorials that have exactly what I need. Code: TileEntityGravityLift.java GuiGravityLift.java
  4. Thank you, that helped lots. It now works fine without that error.
  5. From what I have seen, it appears to compile automatically. My compiled files are in the bin folder where my ForgeGradle workspace is set up. Is this way not the correct way to do this?
  6. I am having the following problem with my mod. When I launch it, I get the following error: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: iron at at kris91268.lbd.Blocks.BlockLightBridgeSource.<init>(BlockLightBridgeSource.java:37) ...rest ommited... This only appears to happen when launching my mod with the normal Minecraft launcher; it does not happen in my mod development environment (ForgeGradle) Snippet of BlockLightBridgeSource.java where the error comes from: public BlockLightBridgeSource() { super(Material.iron); // this is where the error originates. setHardness(1.5F); setResistance(6.0F); setStepSound(Block.soundTypeMetal); setBlockName("lightBridgeSource"); setBlockTextureName("lbd:lightBridgeSource"); setCreativeTab(CreativeTabs.tabRedstone); } Any help is much appreciated! -kris91268
  7. WorldSavedData does not have anything that I need, I had a look. Plus it is an abstract class, so I cannot declare a new object from it. And when you say "Don't reinvent the wheel", what exactly do you mean? I know what you physically mean by it, but how am I 'starting from scratch'?
  8. I've used both Scotty's, and GotoLink's suggestions with how I should do this. I've added an if else statement that sets the value to a string depending on what type of world it is in, here it is below if (!world.isRemote) { worldname = world.getWorldInfo().getWorldName(); } else { worldname = ModLoader.getMinecraftServerInstance().getFolderName(); } I know ModLoader is not ideal, but is the best option avaliable. It works fine clientside, but in a server, it crashes with a FileNotFound exception because it reads from the default saves folder in the .minecraft directory, but that is not where the server holds it's world files. Is there any way for getting the name of the directory for the worlds that the server uses?
  9. That gets the name of the dimension, I do not need that, I need the name of the world that you set when you name your world on creation so I can save a file for each individual world in the saves folder.
  10. Then how does Minecraft know which world you are in, so it can save the contents of the world to the disc under the saves folder? Because I need to save an additional file in there, but I do not know how to detect the name of the world that the player sets on creation.
  11. Yes it does, but it sometimes says that the world is name MpServer or something like that, when I am playing singleplayer. So then my program breaks. How would I stop this MpServer coming before it returns the proper world name?
  12. Hello, I am writing a new save system for my mod and I am just trying to find out how do you get the name of the world that the current player is logged into? By name, I mean the name that you set when you create a new world or rename one. Also, is the variable of the name of the world accessible through the EntityPlayer, or the World classes, or if there is another one (Please specify if you do) Thank you in advance for all of those who can help me
  13. Yeah I know, which explains the crash server side, but it does not launch the player clientside too, it launches every other entity but the player clientside.
  14. OK, I have been doing some testing with other entities, and they seem to launch fine, even with different height settings set on the grav lift, its like it seems to work for everything, but the player. Why is this? (I have removed the code about the par5Entity instanceof EntityPlayer, e.t.c and just placed the methods to propel entites in the air).
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