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  1. ok apparently the issue is even stupider than that. the folder the server was in was called "๐“ฏ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ช๐“ด๐”‚ server" and apparently the special characters in the folder name break the whole damn thing. this is the stupidest thing in the history of ever
  2. okay i've managed to fix it. looks like i made the stupidest error known to man. i hadn't installed forge to the client, which i assumed only affected the launcher which wouldn't affect me because i used a third party one. evidently not. the more you know
  3. tried a fresh install of above and beyond with java 8 installed. got a popup that says "Error: Unable to access jarfile forge-1.16.5-36.2.8.jar". every good programmer knows getting a different error means you've made progress!
  4. i tried an old server i had installed a while ago and that worked just fine. could it be an issue with the installer then?
  5. tried to install with create above and beyond, made the run.bat file as suggested, and still doesn't work. it only persists for about a frame before crashing but i managed to grab this screenshot before it crashed. strangely enough it says nothing at all like this in the crash log
  6. there isn't a logs folder, the server folder looks like this. when i run the bat, absolutely nothing happens and the error shows up immediately.
  7. tried that, still getting the same error. bat file currently reads: @echo off REM Forge requires a configured set of both JVM and program arguments. REM Add custom JVM arguments to the user_jvm_args.txt REM Add custom program arguments {such as nogui} to this file in the next line before the %* or REM pass them to this script directly "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-17\bin\java.exe" @user_jvm_args.txt @libraries/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.20.1-47.3.0/win_args.txt pause when i used javaw.exe instead, nothing showed up on the console window at all
  8. 1.20.1 server and should be using java 17, i do have other java versions installed though so that could be causing issues
  9. trying to install a forge server and whenever i run the bat file, it does nothing but throw up an error. no eula prompt, nothing. here's the error: https://pastebin.com/bjArSgJZ
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