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  1. So I recently downloaded the Weather & Tornado Mod to my server. The mod works great when I use the command /wm spawn tornado 1. However, I would like to make the tornadoes spawn naturally and more frequent on my server. Here are my config settings: B:Storm_FlyingBlocksHurt=true B:Storm_Lightning_active=true B:Storm_Tornado_blockBlacklistMode=true S:Storm_Tornado_blockList=7 B:Storm_Tornado_blockStrengthGrabbing=true B:Storm_Tornado_grabBlocks=true B:Storm_Tornado_grabPlayer=true D:Storm_Tornado_height=60.0 B:Storm_Tornado_makeClouds=true I:Storm_Tornado_maxActive=1 I:Storm_Tornado_maxBlocks=800 I:Storm_Tornado_maxParticles=3000 D:Storm_Tornado_maxYChange=10.0 B:Storm_Tornado_oldParticles=false I:Storm_Tornado_rarityOfBreakOnFall=5 I:Storm_Tornado_rarityOfDisintegrate=15 I:Storm_Tornado_rarityOfFirenado=1 D:Storm_chanceOfTornado=9.0E10 I:Storm_rarityOfIncrease=1 I:TropicraftRealm_Storm_Tornado_maxActive=1 B:smoothRain=true } Does anyone know how i can change my settings to make the tornadoes spawn naturally more frequently so I don't have to type in the command?
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