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  1. Thanks for the help I will look into it. I hope I am able to do it
  2. What I want to be possible is to "see" through a nether portal before you go through it and I was if I was to create a panoramic view then the image would be visable at different angles, for example If you look up and down you can see different stuff in that dimension, is that a better description of this post? Thanks but I dont think that will help for what I want to do but I am new to modding I might use that so thanks anyway
  3. Does anyone know if it is possible to make a panoramic image from the location of a multi-block, for example a portal. And if so how would it be done? Thanks in advance
  4. fair enough it was just an idea tht i thought it would be interesting
  5. Is it possible that you add a Texture Folder for mods and an impovement to the api so that the textures can be extracted from the mod files or folders? Also is it possible to add a way tweak configs in-game to make it easier to stop conflicts? Thx for reading :D
  6. I am in the middle of making a mod using the forge api and i was wondering how i compile to work with FML (Forge ModLoader)? Thanks for any help that you can give
  7. I am planning to make mods soon and this is a request to make it easier for me and other first time modders. If one thing gets in the way of testing there should be a way to temporarily disable it. For example if I make something wrong and it is causing problems then i can disable that section. This is a request for it to either be added to Forge or another mod to be created. Thank you for reading.
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