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  1. I have a model with which I am trying to toggle the display of certain cubes depending on the stored values for the associated TileEntity. I notice on ModelBat.java you can cast EntityBat like this: public void render(Entity par1Entity, float par2, float par3, float par4, float par5, float par6, float par7) { [b]EntityBat entitybat = (EntityBat)par1Entity;[/b] if (entitybat.getIsBatHanging()) { --snip-- } else { --snip-- } this.batHead.render(par7); this.batBody.render(par7); } However, you can't use TileEntity instead of Entity on render(). Is there a way around this so you can access WhateverTileEntity?
  2. Ah! Now I understand. This works: public void renderTileEntityAt(TileEntity te, double x, double y, double z, float scale) { TileEntityGirder tegirder = (TileEntityGirder) te; I can now access the int tegirder.side0 etc from my TESR.
  3. Just to clarify, what do you mean by "cast your TE first"? (I'm noobish at Java) If I try to check the value of "te.side0" it throws an error, because "te" isn't defined in TileEntity.java. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious
  4. Self bump and additional question... My NBT data gets updated when I right click the block. Considering I want the TileEntity model to change when the block is right clicked, is there a straightforward way of forcing the block to re-render itself? Does that make sense?
  5. Hi all, I'm hoping you can help me overcome a couple of issues I'm struggling with. I'm attempting to create Girder/Frame blocks that will support the attachment of independant panels to any of their 6 available sides. So far I have a Girder placeholder: http://danielgovier.com/minecraft/2013/06/bare_girder.jpg[/img] And I've made a couple of panels for it (additional models under my renderer): http://danielgovier.com/minecraft/2013/06/girder_panels.jpg[/img] And I've got as far as the Girder storing the blockID of the panel you right clicked it with (and which side was clicked): http://danielgovier.com/minecraft/2013/06/girder_nbt.jpg[/img] But... I cannot figure out how to check the stored NBT data from within the TileEntityRenderer class. I need to only show panels when the NBT data for that side is something other than 0. I also need to use the same data to apply the correct panel texture. Here's my code... which is a bit of a mess as I'm still learning Java: BlockGirder http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/9b2231e0 TileEntityGirder http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/dbb8eb68 TileEntityGirderRenderer http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/fab5a3e3 BlockGirderModel http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/5e4e64ef BlockGirderPanel0Model http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/0561f960 Am I over complicating this? Is there an easier way of achieving 6 unique faces per block? Any help and/or advice greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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