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  1. yeah was clean my desktop on my computer up and i moved it into a junk folder and then the junk folder got deleted. So, all in all .
  2. {mechaccelerator texture.} Elaborate So , here what you asked for um I deleted biomass cunks so, ill have to remake it. So , got the crystals the ore . uncut are 32bit the rest or 16bit.
  3. so, ya huricane sandy hit and knocked the internet out yesterday they well be up in a few hours for you .: P)
  4. finished well post tomorrow sry for the lateness on the post
  5. on you'll get then sunday mechaccelerator texture Elaborate
  6. New Uncut Sunstone Sry didn't get biomass chunks done yet this one took me an hour and half to do. I'll post the other one tomorrow mate
  7. mk, Ill have changes up tomorrow for you dododo.... ya I won't forget this time : )
  8. Ok here we go, zoomed in pic, zoom in pic , and a download ill do any edits you want around 10pm my time if you want. zoomed in well look like its in you hand. zoomed out well look like its in you item bar. download If you like them : ). sry for being late life sucks right now. I am reprogramming my whole mod, I have an act test next Saturday, got to get my drivers license, and have I have my electronics associates certification to do as well.
  9. ops forfot to upload ummm. ill be home in 5 or 6 hour ill post it then so sorry just be a really heck-tick week & month
  10. its done upload it tomorrow for you have a few more thing I need to do.
  11. Danke. ops forgot all about this sry 18th birthday was kinda fun : ) well have it done asap
  12. I just show them the installation pages mate if the mod has the install instructions written wrong. I can't help it messing up but if this quick fix work more power to you : ) If this was my mod i would have no problem telling you how to fix it but it seems you would have very little need for that with what your doing good luck hope his suggestion works for you mate
  13. sry to here that mate its just the world of programming at work forge was designed to be compatible with a lot of mods but people still fight change. I hope minecraft life treats you better in the future.
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