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  1. That would be because you are using a HD texture pack and there for need the HD mod. Imao there are texture packs in 64bit that don't need the HD pack and look just as good but, if you would like I well look up how to install it; and then i'll run you though it tomorrow. Also, this is kinda in the wrong section it does involve texture packs but, this is a forge related issue and should be in General Discussion. I only suggest this because you would get help faster there.
  2. Just got you textures done ill upload them Friday. When, I have more time I have a calculus test Thursday and a 4 page paper to write. So, when I finish hawks second edit; witch well be around 1am. I well put them somewhere safe and upload them asap; but because of life being a bitch don't hope for them tell Friday.
  3. I should have everything done by tomorrow night; but don't hold me to that. I want to take a crack at coding lockable doors in my mod. Before, I get into my texture work; but, I have a bad habit of get sucked into my work and losing track of time. So, ether way i might not get something done.
  4. mk ill edit for more depth then and see how it goes .
  5. mk on it. And the reason I only do machines in 32 bit is because with 16 bit I have no room to do any thing cool I would totally love to do them in 64bit but people think that's taboo. If you don't know what 32bit means. The picture well be 32 pixels wide and tall giving me 1024 pixels in area to work with; verses the 256 pixels a 16bit texture would give me. Forge supports all the way up to 128bit but , 64 would be the highest I would ever go just to make sure minecraft can handle the new textures.
  6. Try number one what do you think ?
  7. Ooh, cool! Two things: 1. You deleted my sig on photobucket! I'll fix that. 2. I meant sunstone powder. But I like the crystals, so as a result, I'll be needing (whenever you get the time): Textures for: Grow-o-matic, a machine that grows wheat (hawk, this is MINE.) Sunstone blocks (pure sunstone), and the light-finder, an item that will create a werelight when you right click. EDIT: can you also make a redstone-sunstone hybrid powder texture? Elaborate on the werelight item and I only make machines in 32bit. So, you'll have to have a second field to load texture. I figured I would inform you of that before ; I did it. Just in case that it is to big of an inconvenience for you. Also the pure sunstone too, if you don't mind Elaborating.
  8. Exactly. And I want it. But I'm nice. So I'll think about it. CowGod, please make the textures for the grower machine into a machine that sucks energy from wheat to charge sunstone crystals, and then make another set that is a little different that charges batteries, as well as GUIs for them that have two slots and a progress bar, make fit with the suck-energy-from plants theme. That I can do Also , that is technical the same machine you can just program it to charge both just sayin.
  9. In less they ask me to intervene , i let them work it out. Atrain came up wtih the ideal so all in all its his decision to let newt have it or not .
  10. Would you like me to solve this debate since you seemed fit to have it in my channel. Also i moved all the pictures i uploaded on photo bucket sry about that it was getting messy!
  11. mmmmm fight it out first ; for the wheat machine. The Rest I can do like I told hawk I have very little time right now, ill try to get you something by friday.
  12. Ill see what I can do; I won't have a lot of time to work on it so ummmmmm you'll get the first one around friday.
  13. Ok, here are the edits; ObsequiousNewt, I gave you a download and a copy right just in case you like them and want to get them into your mod asap. The Copy right is for the protection of you textures to keep them from be stolen by other people. I give you the right to change them in anyway you see fit . ObsequiousNewt Atrain
  14. Ok, Ill have both sets done tonight around 10pm est time give or take an hour.
  15. Edit One So, I resized everything, I also cleaned up a lot of the texture changed grapes, as well as add the three missing ones. Tell me how you like it and any more edit you might want. Hint: when add to game it spawns the side differently so you well need a special render class to fix this; look at the apple in minecraft it should do nicely. PS. re-size your internet window to see the full picture or some well get cut off. ObsequiousNewt Atrain
  16. ok, ty I finish up and upload tonight.
  17. got you block done atrain well post it tomorrow with the fruit i'm still editing just informing you
  18. and all spice I think well i make some edits and make thous because there missing and ummmmm you'll get them this time tomorrow. Can I get a picture of vanilla there is a few different ones.
  19. Stone background with the crystals, please! Thank you! On, it ; would have been done already but the forge site keeps going down for one reason or another and this is the first time i could get on : ) tomorrow night I promise
  20. OK , ObsequiousNewt as I said before this is a draft not the finished product, I'm sry it took so long. I did a lot of them; from memory witch is the reason I said a lot would need edits. I plan to spend all weekend finishing this project for you. Now, I could take a crack at the edits my self. Witch, I know what I want everything to look like but these are yours. So, if you can give me as much input as you deam fit I would appropriate it, be it a change to size or a total rework I don't mind. You really can't hurt my feelings trust me I love to work with people to get the texture they like. Anyways here is the first picture I know some look a bit rough but i just wanted to get he shape down first and the edit take very little time after. Trust me : ) P.S. I think one or Two are missing now that i reread your list hmmm I'm not sure why anyways if you can get the edit info to me. I can make the first round of edits and we should have you a finished product by Saturday or Sunday.
  21. photobucket , was being difficult and won't let me upload pictures for some reason I'm tired so I am going to sleep. I try again in the morning if I remember. It seems like every day that passes I lose another part of my mind hmmm or maybe its the lack of sleep Anyways if it won't let upload again in the morning ill just package it up and send it to you and have you look at it that way. I, already see that almost every single one needs an edit one way or another be it size or just a bit more airbrushes here and there but ill see if you think the same before i delve back into it Anyway I had to cheat and work around with some things, it reminded my of how I hated work with small space in art; and it reminded me of how much I love art for that I thank you : ) Atrain- So, I was thinking maybe like a dirt or rock background with transparent yellow-orangish gemstones in it or maybe a transparent stone like glass with imperfection in it like some small yellow gems and orangish gems etc. which one do you think is closer to what you want ?
  22. ObsequiousNewt, Ill upload a picture in about 10h's or so then we can talk though any change you might want witch should take a day depending on how many you want. I am sry about the wait so far started my senior year of high school 2 weeks ago and its been a bitch. I am sending this from a public computer not my own the reason for the hour difference in my upload sry : ) Atrain, I kicked a few ideals around but everything i came up with looks ether like gold or sulfur. Can I get maybe a reference picture or an elaboration. I was thinking for my next attempt to do like a gold block with maybe gemstones of varying shades of yellow and orange but I'am not to sure what your looking for.
  23. sure, I have if for you tomorrow if i don't forget Mmmmmm make that Wednesday you'll get it when ObsequiousNewt gets his iam lazy and want to only upload once : )
  24. Coconuts and peanuts should have a shell, pecans should not. Nutmeg should look like the entire fruit, not ground (if you need to, look at the Wikipedia article for examples.) I know that some of these are weird, but I want to be thorough. Thank you for your time! Thank you for the elaboration I figured you would want some one way and some the other : )
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