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  1. ObsequiousNewt, So am about half way done so it should be about Wednesday; when I get done and I always forget to upload then so you should have you textures Friday. Also , if you wouldn't mind elaborating about the nuts do you want shells or not or whatever. I would post a picture but i have to leave in like 5 mins; So, if I am not busy later ill edit this and post one.
  2. So, This Week sucked again. I do tooooooooo much at once; anyways I am to lazy to split this up so look for the spoiler with you name. Like always I well edit anything that needs it and yes there is a progress bar in yours atrain it is just white. Atrain Hawk
  3. 32x32 is fine with me; after all, Forge has built-in support for other resolutions. The current textures look excellent, by the way. Also, don't feel under any obligation to get them done quickly; I have plenty of time. Ok ill take my time get really cool items for you! Btw Forge support all the way up to 128bit but thats kinda of over doing it : ) 32bit should do nicely ill keep you up to date.
  4. Awesome, thanks! The pulverizer is just an input slot and an output slot. Can you make it more... machine-y? Elaborate a bit . Also, ill repage these to and get you a download link https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73390638/Atrain%27s%20GUI%27s.zip
  5. ObsequiousNewt ; So, I had a lot more then this done but i just didn't like any of it. So, I trashed it and started over. I would really like to use a 32 bit temple. So, I can get more space and detail but that means you would need to make all your items 32bit or use this set as a separate page when coding. If you look at grapes you'll see i just don't have the room to do what I want. If your ok with this just say so. If not there well be a few of these that can't be done, like bananas, and grapes. 16bit copy so far
  6. Ok, here the first two didn't see that request for the pulverizer tell now. Can I get a picture of the Gui and maybe a thought of what you want.
  7. Ok, This week sucked anyways, here is you edited washer Gui. Took a look at forestry and it looks about that size. Sry, about the wait.
  8. sry, had to help family members move; took 2 days. I well have all the textures out by tomorrow. I need to nap and shower first; then ill upload them. Hins the tomorrow thing. sry about the wait. That well everyone's textures for clarification
  9. Atrain, I should have your stuff to you by tomorrow of course later if edits are need. ObsequiousNewt, you might get your stuff tomorrow but expect it by the 25th around 5am Easter Stander Time.
  10. sry, it took so long just finished the alpha for my mod and released it today . Anyways, did the GUI, Greenish gray Coin, buffed the looks of the washer and repackaged it , also repackage the coin as well just encase you liked it. Gave you the Mechanic as a zombie and a villager. I am not sure if the villager looks right; I couldn't spawn one to see . Like always in the spoiler below and edits are always welcome.
  11. ok, ill see what I can come up with its alot so give me a few days
  12. Need a description of what you want your gui to look like use atrain's description as an example.
  13. Sure thing, you know you have to line everything up with code right? Gui's are always fun because they like to fight you when trying to get them to do what you want : )
  14. Ok , new washer is done with a transparent door but it just picks up the color behind it . Also I did the coin you have to change its items size with code no matter how small I make in the item.png file it won't get small ( hint ). Lastly, made your Mechanic; for you it used the zombie skin. So, I could see what it looked like in game so use that when rendering the texture (hint). Plz read the hints also what do you think. P.S. a coin role is almost impossible in minecraft to many round edges on top of that; it having to fit in a 16b16 make it impossible if i have 2 years i don't think i could get anything that looked good.Also, these aren't done products they need cleaned up and centered etc.
  15. its ok I need the break from coding and i never get to mess with stuff that's so small its interesting to get something that looks cool in such a small space.
  16. I can do gui's just need to know the bounds like chest sized etc. The villager should also be easy enough. Give me a day to see what I, can come up with on the wash and get me the other info for the gui. you, always pick fun things to try
  17. http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Tutorials/Upgrading_To_Forge_for_1.3.1 Halfway Down the page mate
  18. Moved them and repackaged them, sry it took so long been messing with the new forge code and working on my mod I keep losing track off time.
  19. I like it, the only change it needs is that the speed pad's arrows should be centered. ok well do and ill repackage them too
  20. So, try number two edits, reworks, bad portal humor it has it all; what do you think ? Like always, I what them to look they way you want : ) "Oh, in case you got covered in that repulsion gel, here's some advice tha lab-boys gave me: [paper rustling] do not get covered in the repulsion gel!"
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