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  1. UP I got it working by declaring the ItemStack using the ID! ItemStack QuartzStack = new ItemStack(4362,1,0).copy(); However this ID is the conversion Matrix, the Quartz ID is 4362:6, how can i declare it in the ItemStack function? If i type 4362:6 or 4362/6 it crashes when i try the crafting. EDIT: That was a really easy question, you need to use the third value for example ItemStack QuartzStack = new ItemStack(4362,1,6).copy(); Remember that if you're using a modpack with custom IDs after mod testing you have to change all of them with the modpack custom
  2. Me neither, i also checked a decompiled and deobfuscated version of Applied Energistics and it uses the same syntax but i can't figure out why it doesn't crashes and this does. If you want to check out go here.
  3. The main class is here: http://pastebin.com/gPmwJ21h All the imports marked with /* */ are copied from the Applied Energistics import list. Thank you really much for your support
  4. UP. I did some more research and tries and i found out that Applied energistics item stack must be copied however the result is the same. This is the mod code: @Init public void load (FMLInitializationEvent event) { proxy.registerRenderers(); ItemStack matterStack = ic2.api.Items.getItem("matter"); ItemStack QuartzStack = Materials.matQuartzDust.copy(); QuartzStack.stackSize=32; GameRegistry.addRecipe(QuartzStack, new Object[] { "XX ", "XX ", " X", Character.valueOf('X'), matterStack }); } Can someone tell me where's
  5. Sounds more like a problem with java/syntax and not with the API, sadly I'm unable to read your mind at the moment and therefore can't see the error message with my inner eye. Could you perhaps share that here instead unless you prefer to wait until my psychic pew pew return? For the Ic2 part i resolved everything because the forum/wiki is well documented. The problem is currently the applied energistics, i can't find the syntax to create an item stack of Quartz.
  6. Thanks for support, i will surely look a little harder next time. So i deobfuscated the two mod jars with BON and by importing them into eclipse i was able to get the matter item stack using ItemStack MatterItemStack = ic2.api.Items.getItem("matter"); but i can't find a way to create a Quartz item stack! I tried everything but it always end up with an error . Somebody knows how to do it?
  7. Hi! I'm an happy FTB Ultimate user however i saw that Quartz from Applied Energistics mod can't be crafted with UU-Matter, so i wanted to create a mod for it and i read some tutorials on how to create a mod and i installed both forge and eclipse. Then i looked for the IC2 API and Applied energistics API however when i add the first one it adds an Items class and by checking it i can discover items name but whenever i try to declare matter or any IC2 item it just says that the value doesn't exist, when i add the second one the Applied energistics API (which isn't in the original AE package
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