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  1. Thanks mate, I will try that.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a small problem but I can't figure how I can fix it. In the 1.5.2 version I used the "bindTexturegetname" to get custom model texture from a location. But in the 1.6.2 version I can't use it. bindTexturegetname("/mods/InnoCraft/textures/blocks/Table.png"); Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone im currently making a mod using custom model, I made some with Techne but I need a program to make better shapes ect... If someone know one please tell me.
  4. Hello Everyone DimensionOp is a Faction/Raid/Op minecraft server, including tons of plugins. Join us now! Ip address: d-pvp.com or even Our website: http://dimensionop.enjin.com/
  5. Hello everyone One week ago I made a custom rendered block using technee. The block it self actually work perfectly but I have a small problem. I have no clue how to set a rotation, just a quick example a "chest". Thank you.
  6. Hello guys, I'm just wonderring if someone know a great tutorial how to make Custom Rendered Block. I tried to find some but they were all outdated or I did'nt understand them. Thanks.
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