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  1. I thought that as well, and i started that last night, just need to finish it today. Plus it was a bit outdated. I will post results when i am done dealing with an unfortunate surprise on my PC... :L
  2. No, i have never heard of that class before, it means nothing to me, except its keeping my mod from working correctly. I have no idea what code causes it, as stated above Most existing code has been commented out in search for the cause.
  3. Hello, i have a weird error after testing some code. I commented out anything that i thought would matter, and all my changes i made since i discovered this error... While trying to fix it i commented out nearly half my mod... But nothing seems to work. All changes I made were undone as far as I can see. Any idea what it could mean? I am not sure what classes you may need to help me, so just ask for any that may be needed, and I will upload them and post a link. The error occurs every time I either load a world, or create a new one. Here is where the error happens in the log. http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/ef9bde8a Any ideas? Thanks in advance.... I can't do anything until i get this fixed....
  4. Yeah, i am hoping i can do that with the many blocks and items classes i will do in the future, it would be awesome to have them in 1 class. Not sure where you may have saw a weirdly named variable/method.... Unless you are referring to the Block1, etc thing, which was a test : P I am currently working with 3 other people, sorta. They help out test and sometimes make some textures for me, but none of them know how to program so that's all up to me
  5. I think one of the "quick fixes" i clicked opened it and did something to it. Even with a brand new block.java, the error is still there.... i am going to ignore it for now, i don't think it means anything if its the same on a brand new one. A while back when I was getting into Lua in the computercraft mod, once i discovered functions, i was like "OMG THIS IS AMAZING!" So im betting i will have similar encounters. I would never have known I had a PM unless you pointed it out I never look there.
  6. Well i will keep playing with it, I may mess things up, (all the time ), but i don't give up, and if i do, i fix what i messed up first. Not the point, I will continue trying to get it to work. Currently, it has no errors, but minecraft's block.java does :L gotta fix that (no idea how the heck that got messed up... i didn't touch it...) Edit: forgot i had a copy of a fresh MCP and Forge setup, yay!
  7. Yeahhhhh in what i was trying, i missed like, well, all of it... Edit: Like usual with me, when i try to do something, I end up causing more damage than good.... well, time to decompile minecraft again and get a new Block.java.... No idea what i clicked that made it have an error now.... it wasn't even open.... Anyway, the code you gave, had many errors that i am trying to fix... I may have got it....
  8. OHHHH, it all makes sense now... As you may have noticed, i tend to read things wrong... i can't help it either... its been a problem my whole life... even if reading slow Anyways, that one class, would it look like mojang's block.class? Or just like any old block class that i would have now?
  9. If i do this, "Block Block1 = new MyBlock1(1165, "Blank1");" it still asks me to create a class for it, (as usual) am i missing something? Side question, can you use .SetName("Block name thats an example") instead of LanguageRegistry.addName(block1, "Block 1")?
  10. I meant principal as the same process. Principal may not have been the right word... Same idea may have been better wording. Anyways, So what you are saying, is outside the "public class hbhbtm {}", i would write, "public class blocknewblock1 {" and then put the code that i would have put in the actual class, inside the brackets? (btw, some family came over, so that's why i had a late response) Anyways, yeah i have a tendency to just "wing it" with a lot of things, but usually i can figure it out, and if i cant, even after searching google, well, here i am.... The large portion isn't that much, its just a lot of repetitive things, adding like 50 items. I just chose to do it all at once, since i was going to do it all anyways. Also, i started this a few days after i made this topic, I had no idea it would effect this... (time wise) Also, i am about half way done with that large portion. I just saved the most boring and time consuming for last(creating all the classes) Edit: I actually did have some programming background, not a ton, but some.(python, lua, and a little java) So I guess I wasn't really "winging" it with this.
  11. Ah that makes more sense, haha. At the top, i will probably point out what i did wrong, so anyone else who may be looking at this knows how to fix it. Erm, I do not believe I have... I said i saw a post on how, but I didn't read it... Now I cant find it and i regret not bookmarking it.... Anyways, does the same principal apply for items by any chance?
  12. wait a second, if there was 50 classes, shouldn't that mean 50 blocks, not 23-30.... i'm confused... Where did ya get those numbers?
  13. Oh by the way, it works! *so glad for the /** and */ commenting, way better than // every line for new items...* Thanks so much!
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