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  1. I GOT IT! :D:D pfff it took A while but now I finally got it!!! it was just an error with the ModelChicken_0.java : it said if it was mirrored that it was "not" mirrored 2 times then it said it was, so that's it!!!! after four days I finally got it!!! yay!
  2. I got on github now but it was literally a Pain in the ass. https://github.com/sjaak31367/Minecraft_Chickens_Plus
  3. Okay I Un-did the last changes I made but now it's still giving me an error. Error Log: current Main.java:
  4. I tested it didn't work but first it was extending ModelBase, then it also didn't work :'( The error points to line 17 on the server proxy class. You shouldn't put anything in the serverproxy class only in the client proxy class. I, was already wondering... but it still does not work I removed public static ClientProxy client; and public void init(){ // EntityRegistry.registerGlobalEntityID(EntityChicken_0.class, "Chicken_0", EntityRegistry.findGlobalUniqueEntityId(), 3515848, 12102); RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityChicken_0.class, new RenderChicken_0(new ModelChicken_0(), 1.0F)); } from ServerProxy.java And I changed public static ServerProxy proxy; and proxy.init(); to public static ClientProxy proxy; and proxy.registerRenderInformation(); In the ClientProxy already was the "EntityRegistry" part but it still does not work Error log:
  5. I tested it didn't work but first it was extending ModelBase, then it also didn't work :'(
  6. Hello I'm trying to add some custom modeled mob's / entity's to the game but it doesn't work. :'( Case 1: The Mob will get In game, It will have a spawn egg, But it will NOT have a custom model, And it does not give me a HUGE Error log. Case 2: Minecraft doesn't even get to the starting menu, It crashes after Forge has said the "Hello" loading window, And it gives me a HUGE Error log: Hopefully someone can help me. (After 3days of trying) ._. <--- Sad Face Tutorials I've watched: Wuppy29's, Mart Meijerink, and some others but I forgot the people's name's Src: Package: CRM31367.Mod.Main Class: ClientProxy.java Class: EntityChicken_0 Class: Main.java Class: ModelChicken_0.java Class: RenderChicken_0 Class: ServerProxy.java
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