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  1. ok here is the log from the download error check: (sorry for the long wait. Work, urg!)
  2. how do I get a stack trace? I tried looking it up on google but no sites gave specific instructions.
  3. Recently, I had to re-download forge. I dropped the files into the minecraft.jar file and deleted the META file, but everytime I try to start up minecraft I get stuck with the "done loading" screen. I would really like some suggestions on what I should do... I use 7zip, everything has worked before, downloaded the same forge I had downloaded before.
  4. I did, as well as you. Almost everything is working, but I'm sure NEI is not for this forum. Again thank you both!
  5. OH THANK YOU!!! it is now working fine (before I have installed mods). I'll reply later if anything occurs while I put in more mods....
  6. Thank you for clarifying Unfortunately, 'does not work' is as accurate as I can be. when I enter the game, the normal Mojang title appears and then enters the normal Minecraft title screen. the vanilla Minecraft title screen. I have no "Mods" button, no info on the bottom of the screen, and I'm getting no logs. It's as if forge isn't even installed.
  7. I am imputing it manually. Not sure what you mean for archiver, but I have 7zip to view my jar files and other programs for the other file types. My op is Windows 7 and there is no error message, nor any stack trace appearing.
  8. I tried to reload a backup when I was trying to clean up some of my (useless) mods. But, when I saved the backup, it didn't save any of the minecraft.jar files. So I lost Forge. I tried to reinstall Forge, but for some reason it won't start up when I start minecraft. I have tried installing it with/without modloader (with/without modloader mp). I also moved the Forge files that were saved to another folder in order to give forge a fresh start. unfortunately, nothing seems to work. I could really use some help as I can't figure out why it is not working.
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